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A nationally recognized home improvement team, The Carey Brothers, have been banging nails for over 25 years. During that time they have hosted a long running national call-in radio show aimed at DIY junkies, consumers and pros; they have published two books on remodeling and home maintenance; been on national TV shows on ABC and the Hallmark channel, among others and write a monthly column for The Family Handyman magazine.

Once their website was revamped in 2014 into a responsive, mobile friendly, website we took charge of SEO and content management for www.onthehouse.com, which also included managing their social media and email marketing.

The results of  have been pushed expectations that we should double our website visitors again this year. Comparative results from 2015 over the same period in 2014 has shown a:

  • 228% increase in unique visitors
  • 336% increase in pageviews
  • increase in direct traffic from Facebook and Twitter, 74% and 17.5% respectively
  • an increase in traffic from sites like reddit.com

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