Redesigned Mobile app

Like me, you may be watching YouTube videos often on your smartphone or tablet. Today more than half the views on YouTube happen on mobile devices and through the mobile app. YouTube is now finally updating their App now available on Android and soon iOS.  The update includes three tabs:

  • Home: You will now be able to search and explore videos with recommendations based on your watch history as well as personalized playlists personalized
  • Subscriptions: The Subscription tab lets you find your favorite channels more easily. And to help make sure you never miss an upload, you can now tap the bell icon on the channels you love to get a notification as soon as a new video is posted.
  • Account: Check out your playlists, watch history, and the videos you’ve uploaded all in one spot.

You can also now watch full-screen vertical videos with just a single tap for the very first time.

Now, according to YouTube’s blog, “With the redesigned app you can take your creativity to new levels using a new set of video creation tools. You’ve got an amazing camera in your phone or tablet, and now you can trim your footage, tint the image with filters, add music, and upload – all inside the app.” Something that’s been long in coming.

YouTube 301

Counting Views Improves

YouTube’s “301+ view” will be going away. If you’ve ever viewed a popular video early in it’s post you may have seen “301+” – that is a count YouTube uses to pause popular videos so it can separate the spam bots from real viewers.

Yes, that’s right this happens all the time. People are trying to game the system to create that YouTube phenom. The paused count doesn’t normally happen on regular YouTube uploads – those views as counted as they’re viewed.

According to a post on ArsTechnica, “For a single video, YouTube has to collect video views from multiple servers from all around the world, making tallying the view count more complicated than it might seem. The view verification system ensures that videos that look popular are popular with real people, not just someone with a bot net spamming video clicks.”

Views are big business and drive advertising revenue for the company, but no one wins if the views are not legitimate.

Commenting on YouTube Channels

Who doesn’t like posting a comment on a great video, or even an awful one? It’s engaging the community, and more creators want to hear from their fans and businesses from their customers.

All of these conversations should be simpler and easier to have on YouTube, and they’ve been working on that.

According to YouTube they’ve affected three things:

  • They’ve improved the ranking system that reduces the visibility of junk comments. The rate of dislikes on comments has dropped by more than 35 percent across YouTube.
  • With Google+’s recent announcement, you’ll see more changes. The comments you make on YouTube will now appear only on YouTube, not also on Google+. This change already started rolling out.
  • The moderation options that are on the channels, like reviewing comments before they’re posted, blocking certain words, or auto-approving comments from certain fans will stay.

YouTube also says coming soon it “will no longer require a Google+ profile when you want to upload, comment, or create a channel. If you’re happy with everything as it is now, then just keep on keepin’ on. If you want to remove your Google+ profile, you’ll be able to do this in the coming months, but do not do it now or you’ll delete your YouTube channel.”

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