Cruising Mom is a cruise trip business that was created several years ago by two local moms in Atlanta. The old HTML website they had had seen better days and was not optimized or mobile friendly.

These moms are offering great cruise cabin rates to their friends and family and I thought we’d update their look, but keep the fun feel.

We chose to use a responsive WordPress theme that is robust and able to meet their needs. We kept their branding with daisy flowered background and yellow and blue colors.

The slider features their current deals, which was important to them, and the home page also featured testimonials. The theme allows for further expansion and use of videos and photo galleries later on.

We believe in growing an email database because that is still the prime way to sell online. Here we chose to use BLOOM, which integrates with MailChimp and provides total control of when it pops-up and how often. So we limited its visibility so that it works but doesn’t become an annoying distraction.

growing email subscribers

When it comes to social sharing, we incorporate MONARCH, another great plugin that allows us to manage where and when it slides into view.

building social awareness

We added other plugins like SEO by Yoast and then went ahead and optimized the website for search, added Google analytic code, created a form on the contact page and integrated their Facebook page stream.

Finally, we created a sitemap and verified the site through Webmaster tools.

Check it out here. You may even be interested in a Disney or Royal Caribbean Cruise for your family. By the way, they also do family reunions and corporate meetings on cruise ships. That’s where they started – doing corporate event planning.

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