I’ve worked with two of the most popular email marketing services – MailChimp and Constant Contact – over the past few years. Creating and managing weekly newsletters for clients. I like MailChimp most, and I’ll tell you why in this post.

In 2014, Mailchimp users sent over 100 billion emails and with 76 languages used in campaigns (English and Spanish are the two top languages.) It’s a young company, and it shows it in its website design, interface and brand look – gotta like that monkey.

When it comes to budget, MailChimp wins. You can sign on for a free account – and it’s free forever. But, you are limited to that free plan – maximum of 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 sends for each month. Even still I find for most businesses that’s a great place to start.

The free, forever, plan gives you the ability to A/B Test your emails, provides comprehensive reports, gives you ample enough templates, integration, RSS-to-Email, custom forms, segmentation, and groups, and social sharing.

Additional features that would be useful are either on a paid add-on for monthly or Pay As You Go accounts include: social profiles, delivery by time zone (which I find important) and automation (autoresponders and more.) This last one can be key to growing your list.

To use some premium tools you will have to upgrade to a paid plan – which, sounds fine at the beginning for $10 per month, but that only covers 500 subscribers. It can get pricey. But, if you end up with 25,000 subscribers and a $150 monthly bill you should be making that back easily.

I like the interface and the analytics that gives you a great comprehensive report on lists, A/B testing and all the other basic stats you need to use in fine-tuning your email campaigns.

Using their app on the go also makes it easy to review what’s happening with you campaigns.  In fact, they have seven mobile apps available that makes it easy to manage your email lists, campaigns and even create one on the fly.

As far as support goes. You only get email and chat support when you upgrade to their paid version, otherwise you’ll be using the knowledge base and videos.

MailChimp Theme Templates

Last thing I’ll share is that the templates for email campaigns are thin and sometimes uninspiring. You can create your own in MailChimp (it’s easy), or find an $8 to $19 theme template at Theme Forest. Some themes will be ready to go, others you can easily build with drag and drop, and many are responsive (working well on smartphones and tablets.)

Finally, it comes down to content. Once you have the look and a basic list to begin with you need the content to drive the conversion and the growth of your business using emarketing.

Here, is where I can help you at various levels. Creating and setting up the account and let you run with it, or we can manage the weekly newsletter with original content and call to actions – we can even create the landing pages to make the conversions succeed.

In the end, it’s persistence and consistently delivering the product – and, MailChimp makes that so easy.

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