PeriscopeNow that anyone can do it from their smartphone live streaming has been the shiny new toy in the social media tool bag. Why? Because it’s as easy as mobile, point and click. Just make sure you have a great internet connection.

Sure I love Vine and Instagram, and now Facebook’s native video is cool too. But, who wouldn’t want to live stream an open house walk through, or a product demonstration or experiment with crowdsourced baking. Now that Periscope is a Twitter-owned platform it integrates those tweets we all love.

Periscope exceeded 10 million accounts in 4 months as of August 2nd. According to Periscope, “We define Time Watched as the aggregate amount of time that people spend watching live broadcasts on iOS & Android. As of last week, we’re seeing over 40 years of video watched per day.”

time watched on Periscope

Time Watched represents the total amount of time (in years/day) spent watching live broadcasts on iOS & Android. Does not include time watching on the Web or replays


5 Things to Avoid when Using Periscope:

1:  Timing is everything, so don’t Live-stream when your audience isn’t likely to see it.

Since Twitter owns Periscope, it’s real easy to tweet out your link anytime you decide to live-stream something. There’s not enough analytics yet to determine or benchmark the best time to do this, but your audience is unique, and that should determine when you live stream – which can parallel your best Twitter engagement time.

So plan carefully and don’t just shoot from the hip. Periscope’s app will save your video to your app by default – and, made available to everyone through the link it generates for 24 hours. You can save it to your phone’s camera roll too. After 24 hours it’s gone and there’ll be no way to get it back.

Periscope feed

2: Don’t use lame titles to your live stream –  effective titles get seen better.

The Periscope app only shows the title and location when people scroll through the “Featured” or “Recent” streams. You can be right to the point like Elijah Wood’s post video that was titled “Jellyfish” or like a recent traveler who live streamed “Live from 30,000 feet.”

Titles can help users feel the content is exclusive footage, or unique (or strange) or even an invitation to learn something new.

Popular examples of uses for Periscope include:

  • An Announcement
  • ‘How To’ Style
  • Behind the Scenes at the store or office
  • Sharing Helpful Tips and Tricks about your product
  • Personal videos of Daily life
  • Live streaming from an event you host or visiting
  • Live Q&A Style of a Topic Related to your Business

Twitter link from Periscope

3: Don’t hide yourself. Share with the world.

Twitter makes it easy to share your live stream. Turn your Twitter sharing on so your broadcast will be shared with all your followers. The tweet format shows like this:  LIVE on #Periscope: [Video Title] [Link to Video] Unfortunately there is no way to customize the tweet – so it’s important your title is compelling.

Those that find the live stream after the fact can view it up to 24 hours. After that they’ll be redirected to a page encouraging the user to check out your broadcasts and to download the app (available on iOS and Android.)

Do turn on your location tagging – it will only show your location as a large geographic region versus a specific location. If you’re a company, that’s good enough.

Periscope love and comments

4: Don’t wait to respond to comments generated through the app or Twitter.

That’s the whole point to live streaming and its coolest feature. Viewers can comment and like in real time – likes showing up like Instagram’s hearts. Responding and acknowledging the viewer makes it a true two-way experience and conversation.

According to Hubspot, “The number of hearts you get helps you get your username ranked in Periscope’s app under “Popular People to Follow.” There’s also a “Most Loved” section in the app that lists users with total hearts from all their broadcasts.”

5: Don’t make it a chore to watch

It’s LIVE video. Keep it short if necessary. Smile, keep it energized and real. With Periscope, you can choose when to start your broadcast, private broadcast invite or public shared on Twitter and your app followers. Periscope will alert your user when someone followed goes live. Remember too that Periscope streams are instant – no time delay. Like the old live shows, you are real and in the moment.

There is another app out there called Meerkat that uses Facebook for discovery and allows a 30-second delay in broadcast. But, my choice would be Periscope. It is a new app out since April, and they are constantly fine-tuning it and updating the bells and whistles.

Don’t be shy. It can expand your marketing immensely. Just point and click.

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