New Video Metrics Rolling Out from Facebook

Over the next few weeks Facebook is rolling out something we all want and need as page owners. Ever since Facebook has encouraged more uploaded videos, rather than just embedded videos from YouTube and others, the company has enhanced how and what metrics you see, both as organic and as paid video ads.

The new video tab that Facebook is adding to insights is an enhancement of their video metrics and will include: tracking video views, unique video views, average duration of the video view and audience retention across custom date ranges.

Page Insights Views

The new metrics will allow you to see the number of views through fixed periods of the video – 25%, 50%, 75%, 95% and 100%. Knowing this information will allow you to see where your engagement is lost and where to place your key messages in-video.

Directly uploaded videos to Facebook will have the most use of the metrics available and will help you find what resonates with people and help you determine how to more effectively create your video promotions and posts.

Facebook has been catching up to YouTube as a dominant network in terms of video quantity. According to Social Bakers Brands posted 20,000 more videos on Facebook than they did on YouTube in December 2014. Granted that is a small number, but the fact that fans can now easily share videos with friends shows you the strength and growth possibilities uploading directly to your FB page.

Ad Reporting View

When promoting video ads you will now be able to see “data breakdowns” that show you how specific audiences respond to your video – which includes age and gender.

How Does This Affect My YouTube Channel?

All this is exciting news for those using more and more video on their business pages to engage their audience. It doesn’t matter that your views on FB videos don’t accumulate to your YouTube views since the bottomline here is influence and engagement. You still want to upload videos to your YouTube channel. Face it they still are the dominant player, but not for much longer.

Facebook will be rolling the new enhancement out over several weeks.

Terms and Definitions:

Video Views

A view of 3 seconds or more of a video. You can also see the portion of your video views driven by paid advertising.

Unique Video Views

The number of people who viewed your video for 3 seconds or more. You can also see the portion of your unique views driven by paid advertising.

Average Duration of Video Viewed

The average amount of time people spent viewing your video.


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