Amazon Takes Shopping Offline

You know that swipe card hardware that started big with Square? It became a disruptive business in the world of merchant commerce. I have one and used it quite a bit for varied reasons, including a few yard sales the family had. Then came PayPal and every bank that wanted to keep their commerce business intact.

Amazon now wants to get into the one place it doesn’t sell – OFFLINE.

Amazon introduced their new credit card reader plug as well. Like all the others it plugs into the headphone jack of your smartphone, tablets and their own Kindle Fire HD tablet.

Amazon Local Register

Amazon Local Register

They are branding the reader and app, that works with it, as Amazon Local Register.

What is the rate on the new Amazon Local Register?

These swipe hardware pieces have been around for the past 5 years so coming late into the market means the giant needs to be more disruptive. So beginning October 31 the low-introductory signup rate will be a flat 1.75 percent per swipe until January 1, 2016. This is low compared to the original swipe master – SQUARE – which charges 2.75 percent.

Why not? Amazon is a brand everyone recognizes. The card reader would normally run $10, but even there Amazon is waiving the first $10 in swiping fees to make this effectively free.

Amazon Local Register

Amazon Local Register

This card reader could be used by small businesses like makeup artists, event venue owners, message therapists, athletic trainers and caterers. But, I think one of the biggest places could be the Amazon webstore owners who sell their products on Amazon already. Many of them also sell offline in existing brick and mortar stores and at events, or pop-up stores.


No doubt this is worth the effort to include this into the mix of how your store or business collects it’s revenue. Who could say no to lower swipe charges? That could be a bit of money in a year’s time.

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