Yelp Trends Can Help Businesses in their Local Marketing Efforts

According to Search Engine Journal, “Yelp has become an essential business tool for building and maintaining an online reputation. Research shows 90 percent of Yelp users say positive reviews impact whether they buy from a business or not, and businesses with Yelp accounts experience an average of $8,000 increase in yearly revenue.”

Using tools like Google Trends, and now YELP Trends for more defined local search, means businesses  have another tool to help create effective content for their blogs and social media presence.

YELP Trends

YELP Trends

By entering up to three keywords into the Yelp Trends search box, you can compare trends over time – in your city. You can search and compare words like “free appetizer”, “free dessert”, “buy one get one free.” The sites ten-year history give us a quick, broad picture of trends in any city we choose, in a handful of categories. Much of the content on YELP is customer-driven and so it’s a perfect way for small businesses to learn what is important to customers today and build content around that information.


Creating content for small businesses trying to reach their local market is becoming easier. Content marketing is not just magic, it’s consistently produced, interesting and compelling content that customers and brand advocates want to share.

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